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Our goal is simple: to bring cutting edge scientific research into real-world cycling. We want to make scientific approaches accessible to all, whether becoming more physically active and weight loss is your goal to winning races at the highest level.  We strive to be the best at what we do, using an integrated approach to optimise health and performance. Our expert team of highly qualified and experienced cyclists will help you achieve your cycling goals.  


We offer a range of services, whether you're just trying to get fit, targeting a sportive or race, or riding professionally. We have the plan for you!


Bespoke coaching for you. All our plans are grounded in science, and individualised to meet your personal goals and lifestyle >>>


Personal dietary advice for on and off the bike and nutrition strategies for events by our leading cycling nutritionist >>>

training camps

We host training camps in some of the best cycling destinations Europe has to offer! >>>


Individualized S&C programmes to complement your cycle training >>>


Take your performance to the next level with our professional sport psychologist >>>


Optimise your bike fit for improved aerodynamics and power output with our advanced field CdA testing. #AeroIsEverything >>>

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meet the team

Dr Dave nichols

B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

UCI Level 1 Coach

Director, coach, physiologist

Dave has worked with all levels of cyclists - from recreational riders aiming to improve their health, to World Tour professionals winning stages in Grand Tours! He has a PhD in endurance cycling performance, specializing in heat and altitude training strategies. He has vast experience in road, MTB and cyclo-cross, having personal success at both national & international level, as well as spending several seasons living and racing full-time in Belgium - the heart land of cycling!

Dr Andy Nichols

BA Hons (Cantab.), MMedSci, PhD, ANutr

Lead nutritionist

Associate registered nutritionist Andy studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University before moving to Sheffield to undertake a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and a PhD in cell biology. He also works as an associate lecturer in nutrition, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules in sports nutrition, physiology and biochemistry, and nutritional epidemiology. He is a manager and rider for the 3 times national hill climb champions, Team Lifting  Gear Products/ Cycles in Motion and has over 10 years of race experience. Andy currently holds a first category road racing license and competes in hill climbs and time trials.

what is the vo2 project?

In scientific language VO2 literally means a volume of oxygen. In endurance exercise performance, the volume of oxygen that can be delivered and used by the muscle is a primary determinant of success. You may have come across the term VO2max, which relates to the maximum capacity of the body to use oxygen, and therefore sustain high power outputs, but VO2 is also relevant to sub-maximal efforts. A more efficient rider will require less oxygen for any given power output, and therefore has a competitive advantage in saving energy for later in the race.


The volume of oxygen consumed is a fundamental biological property with profound significance for endurance performance. The VO2 Project was created with this simple goal in mind: implementing the scientific understanding of human biology to provide an evidence-based, scientific approach to cycling performance.