Optimised bike fit for aerodynamics and power output

AeroFit offers real-world test session to optimise bike fit to make you ride faster. By measuring your aerodynamic drag, we can make alterations in bike set-up and equipment choices to maximise your speed on the road!

aerofit session

We offer 2.5hour test sessions to optimise bike set-up and equipment choices. During the session, our data analyst downloads test-data from each run and provides feedback on whether changes made to you and the bike are faster or slower.


Each run consists of riding 2 laps in a certain position  where we have changed something about your set-up (eg: handlebar, saddle, cleat position), and measuring differences in aerodynamic drag each time. Since aerodynamics make a bigger difference the faster you are travelling, you should be prepared to make several high-intensity efforts lasting 2 – 3 minutes each. It is possible to test around 12-15 positions/equipment choices during each test session.


At the end of each session, you will be provided with a report and a faster ride!

Booking a session

Sessions can be booked via the booking form below. A suitable time slot will be arranged by our team. Please note, in case of poor weather (rain/excess wind), sessions will be delayed or re-arranged to a time suitable for you.

Each 2.5 hour session costs £250. 

Please note our AeroFit service is currently unavailable, but we will be back soon!