Develop . Race . Succeed

This package is suitable for riders keen to develop and get the most out of their training. This is our go-to package for the racing cyclist with advanced training analysis and load monitoring. A power meter is essential to get the most from this training package.

This coaching plan includes a free online Cycling Analytics account (normally ~£6/month)

initial consultation

Introduction to TheVO2Project

Goals/commitments/lifestyle analysis

Introduction to your Cycling Analytics account

performance testing

Establishing heart rate and/or power training zones

Threshold performance testing

Power profiling

Opportunities to take part in sport science research

training plans

Monthly training plans uploaded to Cycling Analytics with unlimited reviews.

Session-by-session analysis

Periodised training blocks around goals

Strength & conditioning program to support bike training


1-1 Consultation with our nutritionist

Quarterly diet analysis optimised around your training >>>


On demand email/text. Daily comments on training.

Day-to-day adaptations of the training plan to match your feedback.

Monthly training review.

Weekly phone/Skype


£250 per month

12 months: £2750 plus free event preparation >>>

3 months minimum