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Here you can find our latest research articles from sport & exercise science.

Practical Recommendations for Endurance Cycling in Hot and/or Humid Environments

Nichols D. 2016. Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal. Read here.

Prediction of Critical Power and W’ in Hypoxia: Application to Work-Balance Modelling

Townsend N, Nichols D, Skiba P, Racinais S, Periard J. 2017. FrontPhysiol. Read here.

Is there an optimal ischaemic preconditioning dose to improve cycling performance?

Cocking S, Wilson M, Nichols D, Cable T, Green D, Thijssen D , Jones H. 2017. IJSPP. Read here.

Mouth rinsing a carbohydrate solution does not influence cycle time trial performance in the heat

Watson P, Nichols D, Cordery P. 2013. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. Read here.

Validation of an ingestible temperature data logging and telemetry system during exercise in the heat

Travers G, Nichols D, Farooq A, Racinais S, Periard J.D. 2016. Temperature. Read here.

Hyperthermia-induced neural alterations impair proprioception and balance

Mtibaa K, Thomson A, Nichols D, Hautier C, Racinais S. 2017.  MSSE. Read here.

Close Up of Road Bike

Racinais S, Moussay S, Nichols D, Travers G, Belfekih, T, Schumacher Y, Periard J. 2018. BJSM  Read here.

Bike Race

Racinais S, Nichols D, Travers G, Moussay S, Belfekih, T, Schumacher Y, Periard J. 2020. BJSM  Read here.

Man Drinking Water

Travers G, Nichols D, Riding N, González-Alonso J, Periard J. 2020. MSSE  Read here.