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Introducing VO2 Project Nutrition - Event Preparation

Getting nutrition right for an event isn't easy and can have a major impact on both performance and enjoyment of your ride. The new event preparation service is designed to guide you through the build up, race day and recovery for cycling events and offers a personalised approach based on well renowned research. The event preparation service consists of a 30 minute interview, allowing us to find out about your food preferences and details of your event. We then put together a report based around the information provided. A sample from one of our reports is shown below.

When designing the service we had two objectives: 1. Provide a versatile service that can cater for all types of cycling events and personal preferences, 2. Produce easy to follow plans that have built in flexibility allowing indiviudals to optimise their event nutrition no matter what the circumstances on the day.

To meet these requirements we opted to focus on single major source foods for each pre-race meal, with portion size factored to account for a certain percentage of total carbohydrate intake. This allows our clients the flexibility to choose their recipe for that meal, should the suggested one not be satisfactory or unavailable. After thorough testing with our super fast guinea pigs at B38/Underpin Racing, we are confident that we have acheived the ideal balance of flexibility, personalisation and performance.

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