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Quick TimeSheet - Instant Results Sheets for Time Trials and Hill Climbs

Standard Version Download Link:

Email: for VTTA and 2 stage Hill Climb versions

A month or so ago, whilst meeting one of our clients, we got on to the topic of good hills to race up in the local area, and discussed a few nearby that met the ideal criteria for a hill climb. 1) being steep and 2) having a pub at the bottom or top. With this in mind, we decided that rather than just talk about it, we'd make it happen and got in touch with CTT to get a course approved.

Being late in the day, there was no chance of running an "open" event because of the extra paperwork and need for timekeepers, instead we'd have to run a "club" event. This is usually a lower key race, but has the added pressure of having no start sheet published before race day. Nonetheless we wanted to make the race memorable, including prize money spread across several categories and award some unique medals to the winners (custom made by our friends at Cycles In Motion).

The problem is events that usually do this, have many people to run them, not a team as small as B38, and also have timekeepers who aren't also having to run sign on and all other aspects of the event. Even then it often takes half an hour after the finish to produce a results sheet.

We realised the only way to make the event work was to abandon pen and paper and turn to technology. Using our experience from creating dietary analysis tools, we created The VO2 Project Quick Timesheet and were able to announce prize winners within minutes of the finish. We even had the results published online before some riders had completed the drive home.

The principal is simple: Quick Timesheets is an easy to use spreadsheet that allows you to generate full results for a time trial or hill climb race by the time the last rider has crossed the line without the need to hire expensive chip timing equipment.

With the success in testing at the recent B38 Go West! Hill Climb, we've decided to make Quick Timesheets available to all race organisers for free.

Features include:

✔ Import of CTT start sheets for open events

✔ Easy to add you club logo to results

✔ Automatically assign numbers and categories to riders in club events

✔ Calculates times simply from typing the time on the stopwatch and the rider's number

✔ Accounts for stopwatches being synced at any time prior to the race start

✔ Automatically produces results ordered by finish time

✔ Calculates team results

✔ Up to six customisable category results, all automatically updating

✔ Copy your results sheet with the click of a button and simply paste to email or social media

Download Quick Timesheet and full instructions for free at:

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